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There are many reasons, but only one of them is the main one. We know how to do it. Developing successful systematics is not a given, and even after 12 years of hard work, we're still evolving. However, the main principles are clear to us, and we perceive them as the only possible ones. They are mainly honesty, humility, hard work and unrelenting enthusiasm.


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Every client is unique, the same goes for every car.


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It's hard work, but our reward is the satisfaction of our clients.


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when handing over the vehicle to our costumers.


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We're a strong partner for our clients, thanks to our many years of experience. We're a suitable partner for clients who appreciate a well-designed service down to the smallest detail and who know that achieving high quality is not a given.

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Other services

Financing, insurance services and vinfoto

The complexity of our services includes insurance from all of the insurance companies on the market and favourable customised financing.

Delivery of sub-brands on request

We are an authorised representative of Helmut-Seitz GmbH, manufacturer of the highest-quality license plate holders worldwide.

Consignment sales

Don't know what to do with your old car? Many of our clients use our services to sell their current vehicle. Arrive in an old one, leave in a new one.

Import of a lorry or a bus

Are you looking for a suitable semi-truck, tractor or a bus? That is also part of our services.

Import of a utility car

Do you need to transport goods? Are you looking for a suitable food truck? We'll gladly deliver a utility vehicle of any kind.



Maybach S560
Personal vehicles

5.46 m car length, 3.37 m wheelbase, 4.0 V8 Biturbo engine, perfectly damped 469 hp, incredibly soundproofed interior. This indicates one of the highest possible levels of motor travel, which is what Maybach is good at. The highest-quality materials radiate luxury from every ...

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What our clients say about us

Commitment to customer satisfaction that is hard to find ! What I appreciated the most: 1) always available, literally 24/7. All of my calls were returned in less than 30 min, weekend, evening, anytime. 2) expertise - it was Aleš Blahušek who guided me through the selection of my car. It was my first 911 and honestly 90% of relevant questions I would not have asked. Aleš and his people did this for me. And I ended up turning down 2 cars that looked great on web. 3) reliability - always ...

Radek Nesrsta
Radek Nesrsta
Stoyan Georgiev
Stoyan Georgiev

Dear All, I am writing this to all of you who doesn’t believe miracles are happening. But yes, finding “DovezuAuto” on Internet for me was a miracle. They made my dream to become true! Starting ...

Mark Ajzenstadt
Mark Ajzenstadt

With Dovezu Auto this is one of the best customer services that I have experienced. For me - they have redefined what the vehicle purchase process is and made me enjoy the process not less than the ...

Miro TU
Miro TU

I would like to thank the entire team for a successful hunt for their dream car. You can really count on them to monitor the quality of your car, which you look for, knock it out ...