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Save yourself trouble when purchasing a new car

How it works

The principle of importing with us consists of a complex turnkey service, where you order a specific vehicle from us from the comfort of your home or office, and we will take care of everything else in unrivaled quality. We will deliver the vehicle to you anywhere in the Czech Republic, registered, insured and ready for use. Treat yourself to the comfort of a worry-free purchase from professionals who treat their profession as a mission.

Selection of a suitable car

We'll help you to choose a vehicle precisely according to your specifications.


We'll verify the whole history of the vehicle according to VIN in the manufacturer's system and by phone.

Purchase contract signing

We'll reserve the vehicle of your choice at the dealer and prepare a purchase contract for you with us or directly with the dealer.

Car inspection at the dealer

The vehicle will be closely inspected by our technician directly at the dealer. We'll send you detailed pictures of the car and a recommendation on whether to buy the vehicle or not.

Car import to the Czech Republic

We import the vehicles almost exclusively on the truck of our contractual carrier with adequate insurance.

Car registration

Registration of the vehicle is a fixed part of our services, which we provide in its entirety. Therefore, we will only consult you about suitable vehicle insurance.

Detailing centre

As part of our services, we alwas deliver the vehicle to you perfectly prepared.

Car handover

You'll leave with a completely prepared vehicle.


What type of client are we a suitable partner for?

Our services are suitable for anyone who is interested in purchasing the best possible price-performance ratio with high professional support. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and it´s specifics, we are very good advisers for you, on how to choose cars not only for your satisfaction but also for the subsequent sale. In order to optimally spread the price and costs , we recommend a purchase price of the vehicle from CZK 400,000 (EUR 15,000).


It doesn't end with the car import

We provide complex services. In addition, we are happy to supply you with nice original alloy wheels for your car (or even without it) because the wheels make the car. Also, take a look at the stock cars offered.

Import of sports cars

Import of sports cars

Import a car for me
Import of passenger cars

Import of passenger cars

Import a car for me
Import of commercial cars and campers

Import of commercial cars and campers

Import a car for me

Other services

Financing, insurance services and vinfoto

The complexity of our services includes insurance from all of the insurance companies on the market and favourable customised financing.

Delivery of sub-brands on request

We are an authorised representative of Helmut-Seitz GmbH, manufacturer of the highest-quality license plate holders worldwide.

Consignment sales

Don't know what to do with your old car? Many of our clients use our services to sell their current vehicle. Arrive in an old one, leave in a new one.

Import of a lorry or a bus

Are you looking for a suitable semi-truck, tractor or a bus? That is also part of our services.

Import of a utility car

Do you need to transport goods? Are you looking for a suitable food truck? We'll gladly deliver a utility vehicle of any kind.

Import price

The import price depends on many factors and the method of execution. To determine a specific price, it is, therefore, necessary to assess all the details, the scope of our services and, last but not least, the dealer's final price conditions, which can have a significant positive effect on the final price of the vehicle. Then the price offer can be properly drawn up and customised. We recommend a minimum car price of 15 000 EUR to optimise the purchase price and import costs ratio.



This service package is provided to every client. It includes most of our services and will ensure a comfortable car purchase.

Service content

Selection and search of a car according to the client's wishes

Recommendation of the most suitable vehicle for you

Detailed inspection of service and repair history

Car inspection done by a professional technician

Negotiation of the price conditions with the dealer

Arranging transport by a tow truck to the Czech Republic

Arranging appropriate technical control

Arranging the car registration at the corresponding department of transport

Complete preparation of the car for handover

Handing over the car at a destination anywhere in the Czech Republic



Extended service package designed for our most demanding customers. It also includes varnish protection, interior protection and more.

Service content

It contains all of the services found in the Professional package and also these options:

Machine polishing of varnish and correction of imperfections

Applying protective wax layer to the vehicle

Applying ceramic varnish protection to the vehicle

Professional interior cleaning

Impregnation of the leather interior parts

Everything from professional

Advantages of cars from Germany

We achieve exceptional quality even with used cars by choosing vehicles from suitable sources and doing thorough technical inspections. Of course, that's not a given, but the evolution of our company's internal mechanisms over more than a decade.

High quality

The service approach, the road network quality and fuel quality leave the cars in much better condition.

Wide selection

Wide selection of various specifications that you would hardly find on the Czech market.

Service history

99% of imported cars have verifiable service history from an authorised service centre.

Convenient purchase

In some cases, thanks to the scale of the German market, it is possible to find cars that can be significantly cheaper compared to our smaller market.


Lamborghini Urus

Sport cars

Did you know that the bumblebee (Bombus lat.) cannot fly from the point of view of the laws of aerodynamics, but it doesn't know that and so it flies gracefully? It's a bit similar with the Lamborghini Urus, which doesn't know that it's not a supercar, but an SUV, and yet it ...

More references

VAT deduction for companies

As a VAT payer, you also have the option of deducting VAT on vehicles imported from Germany. The basic assumption is, of course, to choose from discount cars already in Germany. We specialise in finding tax-deductible vehicles for corporate clients. We will guide you through the entire process of importing such a car. That includes an advance payment of 19% of the purchase price upon payment of the tax base and the necessary documentation for its return by bank transfer.

It may sound complicated, but for us, it's an ordinary process and a pretty well-functioning system to prove the transfer of tax liability to another EU member state. We create favourable conditions for our regular clients.